The Babydoll Southdown sheep descend from one of the oldest known English down breeds. Their fiber typically has a micron count of 23 to 29.  The Babydoll is considered a wool and meat breed. They are short and stout with dense muscle.  Babydoll meat is considered the “Angus of sheep”.

Babydolls are also called the “Teddy Bear Sheep”. Due to their facial structure, they always greet you with a sweet smile. These dolls make perfect companions because of their petite size.  Ideal size for a Babydoll is between 18-24” at the withers. This breed is known for its high intelligence, docile temperament, willingness to please.

Do you have a vineyard or orchard? These adorable sheep are perfect for maintaining your property without destroying your crop. They provide fertilizer while they clean up fallen fruit, trim grass between plantings, and reduce the need for herbicides.

Babydolls can be off-white, black, or spotted. While highly sought after, spotted are not able to be registered as they do not conform to breed standards.